Aquafix Separator

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The Aquafix is a secure and reliable spill management system designed to separate hydrocarbons from stormwater. In the event of an accidental spillage the internal valve will shut-off once the capacity of the treatment chamber is reached. The system has an emergency storage capacity of 2500 litres and can separate free oil from water to <5ppm (mg/L).

  • Meets European separation standard of <5ppm (mg/L)
  • Designed for 2500 litres emergency storage of hydrocarbons
  • Separates free oil from water using coalescing media
  • Automatic shut-off valve in the event of an accidental spill


  • Petrol stations and other fuelling facilities
  • Truck stops
  • Vehicle service centres
  • Transformer stations
  • Treatment of non-detergent washing water from vehicle washing repair workshops

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