API Separator

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The API oil and water separator is a secure and reliable spill management system designed to separate hydrocarbons from stormwater.

In the event of an accidental spillage the integrated butterfly shut-off valve will be manually closed to eliminate the risk of spilt hydrocarbons entering the stormwater network. The system has an emergency storage capacity of 2500 litres and separate free oil from water to <15ppm (mg/L).

  • Meets American Petroleum Institute separation standard of 15ppm (mg/L)
  • Separates free oil from water
  • Manual shut-off valve
  • Designed 2500 litres of emergency storage capacity
  • Easy access for servicing


  • Fuelling facilities
  • Truck stops
  • Vehicle service centres
  • Treatment of non-detergent wash water
    from vehicle washing and repair shops

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