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The Hynds PERFECT® Manhole Base is a watertight pre-benched flanged-based manhole that can be customised to suit a variety of diameters, depths and inlet/outlet configurations. This watertight plug-and-play system is the PERFECT® manhole for any job.

Available in diameters DN1050 & DN1200 and all the heights from 900mm high to 2400mm high.

The Hynds PERFECT® Manhole System range is a revolution in manhole technology. It is a brand-new and improved range of Concrete Manholes from our state-of-the-art, world-leading concrete manufacturing site in Pokeno, Auckland. The Hynds PERFECT® Manhole is a pre-benched manhole base with an already cast-in pipeline inlet and outlets.

Full height and benching flexibility are available from our automated production range with a separate fabricated range available for extra-large diameters or connections, or non-standard loading conditions. (Refer to Hynds Technical Services for non-standard conditions such as extra high loadings or hydraulic requirements, etc). PERFECT® is suitable with Concrete, PVC, PE, and Bosspipe pipeline connections.

Safer construction

Less work within the excavation zone. No requirement to bench the manhole in a confined space. No requirement to haunch a pipe connection outside the manhole base. No need to thread steps through the wall and bolt externally.

Target zero infiltration

The Hynds PERFECT® Manhole is specifically designed to prevent external water infiltration. The combination of rubber gasket riser and pipe connector seals, and the Pinnacle® Step System ensure a watertight structure.

Minimise effort on site

Preplan your manhole structure and build a programme to minimise construction effort. Complete the Hynds PERFECT® configurator and reserve your order date. The modular solution eliminates the need for wet trades (benching and haunching), resulting in rapid construction compared to conventional methods.

The PERFECT® Manhole Base will come with steps pre-installed.

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