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When Draeinail Construction first visited the Pokeno factory on a tour to look at our Perfect Manholes, they weren’t sure if the product would suit their needs.

But four months on, Perfect Manholes are providing a winning solution.

Draeinail is a specialist in large civil drainage and sub-divisional works. Based out of South Auckland, the company has considerable experience in large civil drainage for the private and public sectors, as well as undertaking smaller residential and public drainage projects including public connections.

Drainage Category Manager Mobeen Ali says that in the beginning, Draeinail wasn’t sure if the Perfect Manholes would meet their needs, as the construction design can change resulting in a change to angles and heights.

“But their Engineer was happy with the approach and after their initial trial of two manholes, they have gone on to use Perfect Manholes across a number of projects,” says Mobeen.

Draeinail Construction trialled the two manholes at their Metlifecare Beachlands project.

“We worked closely with Matt (Draeinail Manager) and his team and made the Perfect Manholes exactly as they wanted. We supplied the manholes and were there on site when they installed them. The manholes were installed as planned on line and on grade. Their drainlayers were also happy with how they worked. We’ve been thrilled to continue supplying Perfect Manholes since then.”

Draeinail’s Matt Hamilton says he could see the time savings that Perfect Manholes offered.

“I could also see the potential for less wastage with no broken components – starters/channel – and no wasted concrete. The key benefit is the significant time reduction. If all goes well, we can have a shallow manhole in and lay out within the hour. No mixing concrete, cutting manhole walls, installing starters, placing channels, benching/ plastering. Better safety is also key with no handling cement and concrete, and no concrete saw.

“Overall, we have a better-quality product with no leaks, no broken starters, quality benching and to Watercare and Council specifications every time,” adds Matt.

“Perfect Manholes are especially useful for ‘live’ installations – when installing manholes on live lines, it reduces the time and therefore stress. Quite often we don’t need to overpump as we can get the manhole in and connected so quickly. Definitely a game changer for this.”

Looking to the future, Matt sees Perfect Manholes continuing to provide a good solution for projects.

“As long as Hynds can get these manholes produced in an efficient manner, we will continue to use them. There will always be instances where these are not the best solution, but in general I can see these being included for the majority of our jobs. It just takes some forward planning.”

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