CivilBoss® Twin Wall Polypropylene Pipe

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CivilBoss® pipe is manufactured from polypropylene, which has excellent and proven resistance to impact, chemical attack and abrasion. CivilBoss® is also UV resistant, so will not become brittle.


Stormwater and sewer drainage, trade waste, highway drainage, road culverts,agriculture and forestry, pipeline rehabilitation, ventilation ducts, landfills, conduits and industrial applications.

Product Attributes

  • Lightweight material for easy and economical transport and installation
  • Twin wall design with a load-bearing corrugated exterior wall
  • Super smooth internal bore for increased hydraulic efficiency
  • Proven resistance to impact, UV, chemical attacks and abrasions
  • The Colebrook-white roughness coefficient for new polypropylene pipes is in the range

Case Study

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