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There has been a large amount of work undergone by the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau, Auckland to construct New Zealand's first and only whitewater park.

After 15 years of planning and $25 million, the country’s first purpose built white-water park was made. Vector Wero White Water Park is finally complete and will be managed by Kiwi Olympic kayaking legend Ian Ferguson.

We are thrilled that Hynds had the opportunity to be a key supplier to the development. The product supplied was a triple barrel line made up of DN1800 Hyspec Rubber Ring Joint concrete pipes and Watermain components. The water comes from Auckland’s town supply and about 6000 litres a second will flow through the smaller course while about 14,000 litres a second will flow through the larger course. It includes the world’s first man-made 405 metre waterfall, a grade 3-4 white white-water rafting and kayaking course for experts, and a grade 2-3 course for learners and school students. This facility will also be a location for emergency services rescue training.


Wero Whitewater Park




Manukau, Auckland