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The Hybencher is an innovative product that addresses installation, maintenance and safety issues. It offers a ‘future proofing’ component for additional connections to be made very easily once the system is in use.

The Hybencher is a new product launched by Hynds Pipe Systems to simplify the process of installing a manhole, ensuring a high quality benching whilst avoiding back breaking work in the confines of a manhole, and reducing future maintenance requirements.

The Hybencher combines a benched PE liner with the highly effective Hyseal connector used in the Hynds Hyseal Manhole. The result is a highly adaptable off the shelf benched PE lined concrete manhole base.

The Hybencher is designed with a 150 mm outlet and 5 No. 150 mm inlets spread around the perimeter with a predetermined fall from all inlets to the outlet. It is fully compatible with Hynds standard risers and manhole lids.

The Hybencher is very efficient to install, and installation can be completed in 30 mins without the requirement for any wet trades.

Mike Healy – Infrastructure Engineer for the QLDC described the Hybencher in a sentence; “We chose the Hybencher for its ease of installation, safety aspects and long term maintenance free infrastructure”.

Aaron Moore of Moore Drain Laying described the Hybencher as “The ultimate drain layers back saver”.

“I would describe the Hybencher as an innovative product that addresses installation, maintenance and safety issues currently associated with conventional manholes. It also offers a ‘future proofing’ component for additional connections to be made very easily once the system is in use.

The Hybencher does not require the manhole wall to be cut using dangerous concrete saws, therefore the product effectively mitigates a major risk factor that prevails within the civil construction industry throughout New Zealand. Furthermore, the pipe sealing mechanism is extremely fast and efficient, therefore contractors can have deep installations completed and backfilled within the same day. This not only increases productivity, but also eliminates another site safety risk for the contractor and for the company that has engaged them to carry out the work.

Sewer installation is normally the first service to be installed, therefore there are far reaching benefits of using this particular product as project managers can accelerate their construction programmes due to this critical path item being completed well ahead of schedule. The resources and time normally allocated to corbel construction, benching and plastering can now be utilised elsewhere to increase productivity.

From a QLDC perspective, we will ultimately own the assets once vested to council, therefore we are looking to minimise long-term maintenance and repair costs associated with remedial work having to be carried out on deteriorated benching and plastering. This is a very costly exercise when traffic management and confined space entry requirements are factored into the activity. The Hybencher is the most commercially viable option at present, as it is durable, versatile, consistent and safe…………..well done Hynds!”

Mike Healy – Infrastructure Engineer
Queenstown Lakes District Council

Residential Developments Queenstown Lakes District


Queenstown Lakes District Council


Queenstown Central Otago