Hyliner® AKS HDPE Lining

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Hyliner® AKS HDPE is used as corrosion protection lining in precast and cast in-situ concrete elements or structures to increase durability and reduce the risk of abrasion.


  • Corrosion protection lining for precast concrete pipes in sewer pipelines
  • Corrosion protection lining for in-situ concrete structures in wastewater treatment plants
  • Abrasion protection lining in high abrasion environments
  • Broad range of applications in both precast and cast in-situ concrete


  • Manufactured from HDPE
  • Available in white (sewer applications) and black (where high UV resistance is required)
  • Sheets up to 3 m width
  • Typical thickness 2.5 mm (other thicknesses available on request)
  • 12 mm long anchors are integrally formed with the sheet
  • 1230 anchor knobs per m² (28.5 mm c/c)
  • High pull out resistance per anchor (>20 kg each)
  • Crack bridging (700% elongation at break)
  • Factory QA tested and welding of joints is 100% quality tested onsite
  • Pin hole and defect free
  • Moisture and hydrostatic pressure dissipates through water path between membrane and concrete
  • No membrane curing required
  • Allows concrete vapour transmission


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