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Keeping the Great Lakes – Great (and Clean)

Keeping one of our national natural tourist attractions clean and helping to stop flooding to a central growing town calls for some serious infrastructure to cope with expected flows.

The Great Lakes Council (Taupō District Council) has been very proactive with their stormwater management throughout this region over the last several years, accumulating to a beautiful central national jewel known as Lake Taupō (Maori Taupomoana) NZ greatest lake.

Issues / problems:

Although blessed with natural and fairly free draining soils, council realised that run-off from our built-up areas needs capturing and management as these tend to cause downstream flooding.

These would include all man-made and natural debris which it is recognised that a lot of heavy metals and pathogens will attach to during storm events and their possible passage to the Great Lake.

The solution:

This local body has been working with the expert team at WSP Taupō to progressively install Hynds Downstream Defender (DD) units strategically around the larger built-up areas which boarder this beautiful pristine & fragile natural feature.

These DD units are super-efficient removing 60-90% Total Suspended Solids (TTS) with a mean particle size of 150microns and are very easy to maintain long term saving council & ratepayers their hard-earnt money.

How long:

Due to the size and location of this site, the expert team at Camex Civil (lead by Shanan) quickly excavated and had ready this public asset in a day, with the installation ready to be completed the follow day.

Desire outcome:

With windblown, misplaced litter and general debris the Hynds Downstream Defender will pick up floatable debris, sediment bound heavy metals and nutrients through to fine particles including sediment bound hydrocarbons.

Why did Hynds get the job:

Working with the national team at WSP and with the proven past results with end clients & councils NZ wide, it was easy to see why this council felt very comfortable with investing again for this public owned asset.

Points of difference:

With time proven results, the quick and easy install of the Hynds Downstream Defender plus helpful technical design team of the Hynds Stormwater team makes for great consistent results and peace of mind.

Other info:

Due to the expected peak flows for this region to go through this Downstream Defender, it was placed in an off-line configuration meaning a Hynds Diversion chamber with weir wall was installed upstream of the DD. This means the DD with treat every day flows and in the event of say 1/100year+ floods any excess flows could bypass and remove the chances of flooding the surround area.