KiwiSafer Culvert End

By February 13, 2015 July 31st, 2019 Newsroom

The NZTA accepted KiwiSafer™ Culvert End is the ideal solution for addressing culvert end hazards.

A world first in New Zealand, it significantly reduces the severity of culvert crash impact, whilst providing a cost efficient alternative to Wingwalls. The Kiwi Safer™ culvert ends is the only MASH 2009 performance tested and compliant culvert safety end. Performance is achieved through a deformable culvert safety end, that provides a traversable surface eliminating vehicle snagging hazards.

Additionally the corrugated design ensures that when impact is made at speeds below 70 km, the pipe simply reforms and does not need to be replaced. Alternative culvert end solutions need replacing after impact and may also require on-going maintenance.