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In 2006 Hynds Pipes were approached by Wellington Regional Council to supply a large Radio Storage Shed that could be supplied in Components and assembled at an awkward location on Hawkins Hill out the Back of Wellington.

The Solution Hynds offered was to supply four Box Culvert units each 3m wide x 3m High x 1.55m Long along with separate Wingwall Panels.

One Box Culvert with a cast in Back wall, two Standard Culvert middle sections and one entrance culvert with large cast in 8mm the galvanised doors.

Due to the nature of the equipment being stored inside the structure,  all culvert sections were sealed with Museal and a Fibre Mesh Cloth to Waterproof them.

A recent visit to site showed the units still looking as good as the day they were installed.


Hawkins Hill Repeater Station


Wellington Regional Council


Hawkins Hill, Wellington