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Hynds Risers and Inspection Chambers have many uses, playground infrastructure, being one of the more creative applications.

Hynds was approached by John Carter Construction to price some obscure sizes of risers. Upon further enquiry, the client presented some plans for the new million-dollar playground at Hamilton Gardens. Hynds gave various options that could help with the design and when the final selection was made, the Hamilton branch promptly delivered the goods to site.

The destination playground has a giant earthworm tunnel slide, hollow tree, bird houses, a mushroom-shaped playhouse and a colourful stage for children to perform on. Two big caterpillars will be added this year, as a late edition to the playground to work as a barrier between the children playing and the carpark.

The tree is made with a 1650×2400 manhole riser and has a 1050×1500 manhole riser passing through the middle, as a tunnel for the children to run in. The Jade Dragon Theatre stage has two 1050×2400 manhole risers for the main towers with bracing in the middle for stabilization. The Mushroom Palace is made up with two 1050×1500 manhole risers and the center tower is a 900×2400 Inspection chambers.

Children were let loose as soon as the ribbon was cut, to signal the opening of the new playground at the Hamilton Gardens. This playground is the seventh recipient of a million-dollar playground under Hamilton City Council’s ‘Playgrounds of the Future Plan’ and Hynds was grateful to be a part of it. There are 15 destination playgrounds to be built across the city until 2030.


Hamilton Gardens Playground – Playgrounds of the Future


John Carter Construction


Hamilton Gardens