Built in 1927, the Waihopai Hydro Power Station is located in a confined valley south-west of Blenheim.

Trust Power (who owns 22 of these smaller stations throughout NZ) is investing in these assets in order to bring them up to Environmental compliance standards.

With large spinning turbines and generators comes lubrication, all of which ends up in the basement of the station – think a mechanics workshop floor… Occasionally, the station is prone to flooding as it is well below water level. This allowed for oils and sediment to be released downstream. Not exactly green, nor a good look.

Tasked with the challenge from their Consultants Re-Generate NZ, our EcoStop spill containment chamber was chosen – a core design aspect to their improvements. Two large pumps will transfer liquids from 8m down to the EcoStop located outside in bedrock. In the event of a spill, or when the chamber reaches capacity, the float will automatically sink, preventing downstream pollution. It is low maintenance, simple by design and easy to install.


Waihopai Power Station Environmental Compliance


Re-Generate NZ



EcoStop - Quality Oil and Water Management