Street Catchpit – Hynds Engineering Team – Weekly Product Feature

By October 19, 2020 Newsroom

Many don’t know that the Street Catchpit was originally designed by Auckland Council. Now the design is owned and managed by Auckland Transport.

What began as a product only for the Northern Region is now widely specified and used across the North Island and is used in some parts of the South Island as well.

The Street Catchpit is a great product that sits within the footpath or kerb. It comes in 2 configurations, Type S and Type VS for different flow rates.

For more information Flow Rate Technical Guide (PDF)

The Type S version provides flexibility where it can be configured with two 800×500 Catchpits side by side to be used as a double catchpit system for more capacity.

If you would like more information, see the Technical Guide D5.8 Street Catchpit.

For more information on flow rates with depth of water see Auckland Transport Code of Practice Drawing (PDF)