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In today’s housing market people are trying to find land wherever possible including subdividing existing sections.

However, subdividing sections sometimes requires some creative solutions to issues that can crop up.

This section on Cambridge Road in Tauranga was one such situation. The solution required the following to be considered:

• Efficiently utilising space
• Trafficable solution
• Manufactured for specific requirements

Once the land had been divided and the house plan for the new home completed the engineering design for stormwater management required 8,000 litres of attenuation. This was calculated based on all impervious surfaces.
As the home was utilising the space to the full extent there was no room for any above ground tanks so underground tanks was the only option.

Due to the site constraints the solution was required to go under the driveway and therefore needed to be trafficable with a manhole for access and maintenance.
A local contractor completed the job and installed a Devan stormVAULT which allowed one tank for the full 8,000 litres to go in the ground. The engineer was able to utilise Devan’s underdrive design and associated producer statements.
These tanks are manufactured to meet whatever is required and range from 2,000 litres through to 12,500 litres. If the situation requires more volume this can be achieved by coupling multiple tanks together onsite with ease at the installation phase.

The result was an install in an area where the new owner can forget about the tank and have some piece of mind that the tank is made to last.