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Working overtime to keep our environmental cleaner.

Working in a large metropolitan refuse station where most of the local (and not so local) refuse is centralized means massive issues with general debris and stormwater runoff. All transfer stations (collection points) are naturally going to have a lot of loose debris from deliveries and transfer of ‘stock’ which (if not captured & contained) will clog the local streams and environment making for a design engineer nightmare.

Having many different designated areas i.e. dangerous goods, green waste, general household waste etc. for the constantly varying items that come through their gates and to manage these across this multi-leveled / sloping open site created some out of the box thinking. With land space at a premium and being in a built-up industrial suburb of NZ largest city known as The City of Sails, all runoff from this ridge top site runs predominantly back towards a neighbours property with little room to fit any proprietary stormwater treatment device/s. The discharge from this site is regularly monitored by the local authority to make sure it keeps within its approved limits.

A Hynds UpFlo filter was fitted as part of the treatment train (at the end) on this site, with silt traps and a First Defence High Capacity (FDHC) to collect and manage all runoff before allowing discharge into the approved council system.

With Hynds stormwater products most come as a ‘plug & play’ which means contractors can simply make and prepare their excavations as normal and place these units in-place, then hook up

Northland Waste are looking to capture the much of the pollutants as possible, to help keep our beautiful Kiwi environment clean for all to continually enjoy.

The ability to source the right information and the ease to install and maintain makes using Hynds products an easy choice to make. Plus give going support as required.

Due to the increasing volumes and demands that this site faces and form follow up site inspections by some of the SW team, the maintenance cycle was stepped up so that the FDHC & UpFlo units can continual to offer the best service and to meet the growing demands from local authority.


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