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Community Stormwater Project

By October 15, 2020Newsroom

The stream running through the ASB Mount Albert Grammar School Farm is fed by a spring on the slopes of Mt Albert.

During heavy rain, stormwater from Alberton Ave and neighbours roofs added to the flow and flooded the area. Old existing culverts were blocked causing water to find alternative routes through paddocks into the Meola creek, and eventually the Waitemata Harbour.

When Peter Brice took over the reins of the 20 acre educational farm early this year, Stormwater became a priority, but funding was an issue.
Hynds stepped up to provide some Concrete Culvert Pipe which once installed allowed the land surrounding the stream to breathe again. Peter then rallied 200 students and community volunteers for a day of native species planting along the land adjacent to the stream. Watercare helped fund the planting and students learnt a lot about the environment and land planning during the whole project. The planting also keeps stock excluded from the area protecting the waterways.
Native fish such as Short Fin Eel and Banded Kokopu can now thrive along with the birds which have a native tree highway on their way up to the Maunga.

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