Manhole Lid Lifters

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A range of tools for lifting access and manhole covers.

Type 1 – Cast iron cover

  • Heavy duty lifter
    A heavy duty robust lifter 900 mm long, with the extra length the lifting can be done using body weight.
  • Folding lifter (photo A)
    Works on the same principal as the heavy duty lifter however folds in half for compact storage (500 mm folded/800 mm extended), ideal for engineers, consultants, etc.
  • Tee type lifter (photo B)
    A 600 mm long tee type lifter; due to its restricted length this lifter requires a lot of the lifting to be done via the body (knees & back).
  • D style lifter (photo C)
    A compact unit with a D handle enables a crow bar to be utilised for ease of lifting.
  • Spare Keys (photo F)
    Both the heavy duty and the folding lifters utilise the same key and are easily replaced if damaged.

Type 2 – G.A.T.I.C covers

  • Long Handle Key (photo D)
    The long handled version of the AS3996/2006 key makes it easier on the individual to lift and move square and round covers. Not a seal breaker.
  • Short Handle Key (photo C)
    This lifter is for seal breaking on Gas & Airtight covers, and lifting of Class B and Class D Solid Top covers to AS3996:2006.
  • Crane/Mechanical Lifter
    This 4 piece lifter set is for use with recessed/infilled access covers that are too heavy for standard lifter application. Certified by independent examiners this set will handle covers up to 750 kg in weight.

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