Pinnacle® Manhole Steps

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The ultimate step system. Compliant to European Standard BS EN 13101. Hynds Pinnacle® Manhole Steps are watertight, safer, easier and quicker to install. Providing spark resistance, extra durability from corrosion through the use of a galvanised steel core fully encapsulated with industrial grade PE.

  • Total Corrosion Protection – With a galvanized steel core and fully encapsulated industrial grade PE coating.
  • Safety First – Spark proof surface giving increased Health and Safety in underground sewer insulation. No sharp edges or corners. Extra wide step width.
  • Superior Pull-out Resistance – Pull-out resistance in excess required safety standards.
  • Watertight – Non-penetrating watertight connection through manhole wall. No water leaks. Innovative Step leg connection – Purpose designed black step insert cast into precast element. Locking clip and positioning sight line marks are provided.
  • Easy Push-in Installation – No nut tightening required with rubber/ plastic hammer. One person required.

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