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Full design, supply and installation services are available for both Kline and Irripod systems. These systems are low capital cost irrigation systems providing low application rates at an affordable price. They can be specified for both irrigation and or effluent application and are a good option for the land owner who wants to develop their irrigation over time.

We offer the world leading hard hose machines from Bauer including the Rainstar, the flagship which leads the field in design specifications. It has been designed to the highest level with ultimate longevity and performance in mind.

We also offer the Pro Rain series which has many of the benefits of the Rainstar, although the turbine and retraction loadings have been lowered as with no boom option the performance is much to the desired outcome this is a big gun grass growing machine.
Bauer Centre Star, Center Liner and Towable pivots are second to none in construction and performance. These machines are available with proven low tech options or technology at the cutting edge, from corner arms to full GPS visualisation control systems.
Our supplier network allows us to provide solutions for the largest irrigation schemes down to the smallest lifestyle block.


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