Eloy Water Hydrosep® Oil & Water Separator

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No water stream polluted or likely to be polluted by hydrocarbons (such as storm water from a service station, car wash, mechanic shop, etc.) can be discharged directly to the receiving environment. It must be treated prior to discharge into a public storm water system. To achieve this, Eloy Water offers a wide range of Hydrosep® C-90 oil/water separators that fully complies with European standard EN-858.

All of Eloy Water’s Hydrosep® models meet the requirements of Coalescing Separator Test Method Class I. This implies that the residual content of oil in the discharged water is less than 5 mg/litre. The Hydrosep® C-90 is a low-density liquid oil/water separator which includes a sludge separator and an automatic float control valve.

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