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Farmboss, Redstripe, Greenstripe, and Effluent Pipe

*For any large orders, please contact your local branch.

Farmflow Greenstripe

32mm x 100m PN8 Greenstripe $227
40mm x 100m PN8 Greenstripe $287
50mm x 100m PN8 Greenstripe $399
63mm x 100m PN8 Greenstripe $592

Farmflow Redstripe

32mm x 100m PN10 Redstripe $242
40mm x 100m PN10 Redstripe $340
50mm x 100m PN10 Redstripe $498
63mm x 100m PN10 Redstripe $720

Low Density PE

15mm x 100m LDPE $89.35
20mm x 100m LDPE $171.64
25mm x 100m LDPE $208.09
32mm x 100m LDPE $266.88
40mm x 100m LDPE $303.31
50mm x 100m LDPE $369.19

Effluent Pipe

75mm x 100m Effluent Pipe $912.79
90mm x 100m Effluent Pipe $1276.49

Terms and conditions: Prices Include GST

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