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The ecoSep® Oil-Water Separator is a below ground device that separates oil from water.

The device function using a combination of gravity settling and coalising media to remove free oil with a specific gravity up to 0.95 point to <5mg/L (ppm). The system provides cost effective, high efficiency elimination of sediments and oil from sites where water quality treatment is required.

  • Separates free oils to less than 5ppm in discharge
  • Performance exceeds environmental standards
  • Automatic hydrocarbon spill control and shut-off valve
  • Separates light liquids (specific gravity below 0.95)


  • Fueling facilities, transformers and oil storage areas
  • Treatment of non-detergent laden washing water from vehicle washing and
    repair workshops
  • Treatment of industrial process wastewater
  • Treatment of wastewater from oil removal plants


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